Angela Nuku


I have had a total of eight years experience in Property Management. I have been with Ray White as a Property Manager for the past 6 years. Previous to this I was with another agency for three years one of which I was in Sales admin before starting my Property Management career.

I am very much a peoples person and enjoy dealing with people of all aspects of the job. I find working with Tenants gets better results than working against them, as I have seen happen before. I have a strong work ethic and always strive to find ways to be more efficient in my roll as Property Manager.

I enjoy my role very much and cannot imagine having a different career. I find I am learning every day and have a thirst for knowledge, and I am always looking to enhance our Property Management service for Landlords and Tenants.

I understnd that communication is very important part of being a good Property Manager and absolutely a must for a great working relationship with Landlords and Tenants alike.


  • 2016 - 2017 Executive Performer